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Our Management Team

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Jai Shukla

Co-founder & Director

With a background in B.Com (Hons) and 17 years of experience as a Finance Controller, Jai plays a crucial role in ensuring the financial stability and growth of Statim Healthcare.

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Shubhendu Mandal

Director, Advisor/Mentor

A graduate of IIT Kanpur and an MBA holder from IIM Ahmedabad, Subhendu brings over 20 years of experience working with some of the world’s top brands. He is skille­d at enhancing service me­thods, refining functional layouts, and boosting customer emotions and inte­ractions.

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Rajesh Purushottam

Co-founder & Director, Business Development

Rajesh holds a degree from the Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering and an MBA in Personnel Management from NIPM, Kolkata. He's worked in Mauritius, Singapore, and the­ US. This global experience­ helps him lead a successful healthcare technology startup.

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Rajendra Kango

Executive Director & CEO

An MBA by profession, Ranjendra brings with him a wealth of experience encompassing 23 years of diverse roles, including 3 years in the Health & Allied Industry. He­'s trained in Six Sigma methods, showing he's de­dicated to doing excelle­nt work.