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  • Are there issues related to regulatory compliance which we may face by subscribing to teleradiology?
    • Teleradiology is a completely legal method of getting radiology scans reported. The regulatory authorities have prescribed norms for the quality of images which are transmitted to the reporting radiologists. Statim’s PACS uses transfer protocol which enable loss-less image transmission over the internet, enabling radiologists to view the images on the same quality as they would be viewed directly on the console.

  • Will my existing software infrastructure be affected by Statim’s installation?
    • Statim Healthcare simply adds an additional gateway to your existing Dicom framework. It functions completely independent of your existing system, using the Dicom send option to upload cases from your PC onto our server via the internet. Our PACS can communicate with any Hospital Information System (HIS) or radiology Information System (RIS) which is HL-7 compliant.

  • Who are the radiologists reporting for Statim? What are the quality measures taken by Statim to ensure that error rates remain low?
    • Statim Healthcare empanels radiologists from all across the globe for different reporting needs. Our strong credentialing, process filters radiologists for comfort with different modalities, acquaintance with teleradiology, customer friendliness and dependability and availability.

  • Who are behind Statim Healthcare? What is your experience in the field of radiology?
    • Statim Healthcare has been founded by professionals with over 8 years of experience in the field of teleradiology. Our team has vast experience in executing various domestic and international teleradiology processes, regulatory compliance audits and certification. Statim’s in house team has radiologists credentialed in India, United States and Europe. We bring with us a deep rooted understanding of teleradiology across regions and market segments.

  • What are the financial implications of subscribing to Statim’s teleradiology service?
    • We charge a nominal set up cost which is determined on a case to case basis. In order to effectively service the needs of our clients, we ask that a minimum billing of INR 15,000 (USD 2,500) be generated per month so as to enable us to maintain our operational setup. Contact our sales team for high volume discounts.

  • How does one keep track of all the studies which have been sent to Statim?
    • Statim uses a PACS system which can be administered using on a web browser from any device connected to the internet. The browser interface provides the administrator with features which can not only help monitor the studies but also run analytics on studies conducted over the last 30 days including filtering studies by patient, modality, date, time, reporting radiologist, etc.

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